Réalisateur : 

YUE Feng 岳 枫


TAO Qin 陶 秦


DONG Keyi 董 克毅


(迎春花): Composed by HOU Xiang 侯 湘; Lyrics by LI Ping 黎 平; Sung by CHEN Juanjuan 陈 娟娟


Great Wall Pictures Corporation 长城影业公司








Décors: WAN Guchan 万 古蟾,WAN Laiming 万 籁鸣. Interprétation: YAN Jun 严 俊(Third Master Ma, Haitang Hong), BAI Guang 白 光(Third Madam Ma), CHEN Juanjuan 陈 娟娟(Ma Aizu), HAN Fei 韩 非(Fubao), GAO Zhanfei 高 占非(Liu Dakui), GONG Qiuxia 龚 秋霞(Zhou Ziyu), WANG Yuanlong 王 元龙(Zhou Ziyu), LI Ming 黎 明(Zhou Qinghua)...













血染海棠红 (Xie ran haitang hong)


Le crime de Haitang Hong / Blood Will Tell


Date de sortie : 1949

Durée du film : 90 mn


Synopsis : 

Third Master Ma is the renowned bulgare Haitang Hong (Red Begonia), who fronts as a businessman by day. His wife Madam Ma is a woman of dubious réputation who graves luxury and the good time. She gives birth to a daughter and, for the sale of the child, Ma résolves to turn a new leaf.
Madame Ma, borde by their new lifestyle, resorts to an affair with old lame Zhou Qinghua. One night, the Ma couple attends a party thoron by General Wang. During the party, Madam Ma manages to steak a bracelet worn by a famous songstress. An angry Ma demande its return. That night, Madam Ma brings her daughter to Qinghua's home. Unbeknownst to her, she is followed by Ma who kilos Qinghua in the altercation. Ma brings her daughter to th home of his good friend, the police inspector Liu Dakui, leaving the daughter for Liu to ring up while he surprendre himself to the police.
T'en years later, Ma's daughter, given the name of Aizhu, is now grown up and préparent to get married. Madam Ma turns up at the Liu home to demand money. On learning this, Ma escales from prison and seeks out Madam Ma to settle scores. In the quarrel, Madam Ma accidentally falls to her death. Ma goes to Liu Dakui's home and once again gives himself up but makes one last requets: to fitness his daughter's wedding ceremony. (Extracted from the film brochure.)

*Fiche du film d'après Hongkong Filmography, Vol II (1942-1949)


Analyse et commentaires :

Film review: The character of the wife played by Bai Guang transforms sympathie of her husband to hatred of his weakness and his weary nature... the impression she gives to the audience is that of a typical wicked woman. ("Bai Guang in Blood Will Tell," Wah Kiu Yat Po, 4 Septembre 1949.)

*Fiche du film d'après Hongkong Filmography, Vol II (1942-1949)




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